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Top 5 Video Marketing Hacks 2019

With modernization, marketing has evolved a lot. It started as print media to the present day digital marketing. Use various social networking sites as platforms for the advertisement of products. Do this by using catchy lines and pictures. In recent days, videos have become one of the essential tools for these. It is an estimate that these tools are responsible for 80% of the present day Internet Traffic.

Feel like you’re missing out on this? Fret not! We will provide you with all the video digital marketing strategies that you’d need.

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Top Video Marketing Strategies:

Compelling Content Creation –

YouTube is one of the most significant platforms. It has the use of fetching information and entertainment. More than a billion users use YouTube almost on a regular basis. Having an account is not enough. You need to create engaging content that resonates with your viewers in dedication. Use an optimized amount of content with video SEO. Do this through the use of proper keywords and relevant content to make it more compelling.

Most users don’t know about the transcript feature of YouTube. It lets its users upload a transcript in the form of a word document.  This would consist of the keywords spoken in the video. Thus, providing the SEO a push that video requires.

Video and Email Marketing –

Data has shown that video and email marketing go together. Addition of ‘video’ in an email has shown to increase engagement. This results in an increase in opening rate as well as a decrease in the price of unsubscribers. Adding a video thumbnail to emails has shown better meetings. Using videos in an email marketing campaign thus holds a very high value.

Sharing is Caring –

Our morning starts with social media. Several videos are available online on different social media platforms. Modern-day generation begins their day by surfing through their social media accounts. It is necessary to have a share button with your video. It should be hassle-free and compatible with all these social media platforms. Sharing videos on other platforms may not increase your views. But it would be a great help you improve your organic search results.

Virtual Reality –

You must have all heard about the emerging trend VR (Virtual Reality). It is a very engaging and entertaining form of video marketing. The current VR users are a handful, but this form of video marketing is increasing. VR technology has its drawbacks: Use it only with a VR headset. The main aim of marketing should be the active involvement of customers. Thus creating engaging interactions should be a big part of your strategy. We want the use of this technology in a creative way should be there. This can open a whole different level of digital marketing.

Exploring platforms –

Do not restrict yourself to only a single platform like YouTube. Uploading your video content on other websites like Daily Motion etc. is beneficial. It will help you get exposure to a new environment and audiences. You need to share your videos across uncountable platforms and social media sites. It will help to increase your organic growth. More is the video shared, more visibility it will gain about likes, comments, and shares. For example, Twitter provides its users with the option of ‘pinning’ their tweets on the top of their feed. This will increase engagement rates by more than 10X.



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